Dear Valued Customers,

In order to better serve customers' demand for customs inspection, fumigation, veterinary and phytosanitary at CMIT, we would like to launch a new process with below details:

  1. Before vessel arrival, please fulfil and send the registration form (link below)  to the email of CMIT Yard Planner at
  2. CMIT will move containers to dedicated area for inspection, fumigation, veterinary and phytosanitary following your requested volume and timeline. In the circumstance that:
  • You cannot arrange to come at the appointed time, please inform us at least 30 minutes in advance by calling to the Yard Supervisor Hotline at (0989715843). Then email us the changed timeline to
  • CMIT cannot arrange to move containers to dedicated area before your appointed time, we will inform you 60 minutes in advance by calling the provided telephone number on the form and also suggest the new timeline for your arrangement.

Please get the form here.

We do hope for your support and co-operation.

Yours faithfully,