CMIT Star of Quarter III -2018

Thuy Anh has very good performance on her own job and always tries to provide good services to customers including answering any calls after office hours.

COM dept. has had some changes in the last few months when both her direct Manager, Mr. Loc and her co-worker, Hieu (in Logistics team) resigned and waiting for the replacement, Thuy Anh was almost fully in charge of maintaining good performance of logistics services.

Whereas, Moon is on maternity leave and also handed over many tasks to Thuy Anh relating to liners aspects. Her workload is, of course, increased much with some different tasks which she has not dealt with before.

However, she is willing to support and keeps up very good work in both. _ When new team members join COM dept., she is willing to instruct and share knowledge to help them quickly catch up with the team and enhance service quality to internal and external customers.

She keeps active role in coordinating with different depts/divisions or even actively asks for support/advice from her colleagues and keep a good relationship with everyone.